Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Time of Struggle and joy.

This year since the end of January has been a roller coaster ride, between the accident I had at the end of January, to my being laid off after five months on the job it has been a struggle.

Yet even with all the struggles we have faced, things have balanced out at points.  Recently we had to move, because we had no income coming in, so we could not pay utilities or rent.  This was not something we had planned on doing and something I had never had to do in the manner in which it occurred.

Yet something good has come from this, we had to give away some items, furniture, dishes and some cookware; however what happened for me, at least was something amazing and positive.

I felt a truer connection to what Christmas is supposed to be about, about how by giving to those who may be in some ways in the same boat, or slightly worse situation, you find yourself elevated.  You feel as if you are truly helping others, not because you have to, but because it feels good.

In some cases nothing was given back, yet, it is better to give than receive and in this case it really felt that way.

Sometimes it is amazing how a crisis can actually make you feel better than anything else you have been through.  All I know, is that I have felt more connected to the true Christmas Spirit the last few days, than I have in ages.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season, or spiritual season ahead.  Be well one and all.

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