Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday's music moves me. Some unique and interesting music of the 1980's

This is some music you may be aware of, and some you may not.

This first song is from a group I was introduced to when I visited Hawaii in 1975.  The group is Kalapana, and two members of the group, are sons on my Uncle David Akana Espinda the 3rd.  Kalapana started in 1975 and is still successful today.  This is a song from their first album called Kalapana.

Another group that launched onto the scene around 1984 was Miami Sound Machine, I remember the first time I heard their music I was sitting in a small coffee house in Las Vegas at about one in the morning, and I loved the music immediately.  Little did anyone know that Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine would last so long and survive so much.


Another of my favorite groups that actually got their start in 1973, but became popular in the early and mid 1980's was the Irish/Celtic pop rock group Clannad.  Here is one of my favorite pieces of music.

A great singer and song.  Enough Said.

A one hit wonder from the 1980's but this song is still great and perhaps a bit unnerving.

A unique lady with a unique rendition of a country western song of the time.

Hope you enjoyed my posting for some of my favorite and interesting music of the 1980s.

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  1. Cool that we have family member associated with 80's music.
    Of course Clannad is a favorite and Miami Sound Machine!
    ~Naila Moon