Friday, October 28, 2011

Boldly going... How the heck did I get lost???

Wednesday morning I decided I would walk down to the local library, now I had walked home from here once before so I didn't think this would be so difficult.

Well was I ever wrong.  When I walked home, I nearly missed getting back, until I saw a church sign that told me I was close to where I live, well I had started off on the right path, but realized that no where in my line of sight was that Church sign.  I felt I had to be going the wrong way, so I went back and restarted.

Big mistake, I ended up instead of heading toward downtown, and near the library, toward the inner city of where I live, ie where all the restaurants, hotels and gas stations are.  I kept going back to this one area where the White Castle restaurant is located, and kept getting more lost.  I ended up near a Hoods furniture store and then ended up near a semi-tarry.

I followed the path, until I got to Lance Lane and decided to follow this, for this would intersect with Mill Street   which is near where the Library is.

Well I found my way to Mill Street, south Mill, the Library is off Main Street, not Mill, and I ended up at my mother in laws house instead of the Library, although I thought I was close to the library, when I wasn't.

My mother in law found me waiting at her front porch and had a chuckle, she could not believe I could get lost trying to get to the library.

Well today, I ended up walking successfully to the library, talk about an unexpected adventure.

I only wish I had my camera.  Oh well, such is life.



  1. You went by the semi-terry huh? LOL
    Only you could truly get lost in this town BUT I am glad you found your way back home.
    I love you!
    ~Naila Moon

  2. I have done that before and at first it is a tad bit unsettling and make it!

  3. Quiltingranny,

    That is so true, it has taken me six months to get to the point I feel safe walking any distance. I am from a big city and not used to not having stop lights at about every intersection, so for me this is still all new.

    But it is true, once you get comfortable getting around, you don't even think about it.