Sunday, October 16, 2011

An evening of Live Music and Art

Last night, my wife and I went to Jefferson College, in Hillsboro Missouri to attend a free Jazz concert and live art presentation.

The first hour of the presentation was a contemporary Jazz group called Koplantno, depending on the day of the week, and which concert you attend, the name will mean a variety of things from the Hawaiian word for sugar that is an homage to their Polynesian drummer to it being Kono's Plant, not Dano's or ChinHo's or Steve O's, but Kono's.

The jazz is a mix of styles of Jazz greats such as Buddy Collette and his swinging shepherds, Buddy Rich, Dave Brubeck, Chuck Mangonie and Nelson Rangel.

The Jazz can be very laid back, or very aggressive and contemporary.  The Quartet features Brian Lewis Smith on Trumpet, Keys and Laptop, Drew Morton on Bases and Synthis, Rob Barner on Drums, Samples and Vibraphone, and Joel Vanderheyden on Saxophone.

The second half of the presentation featured a live digital movie created on the spot, featuring an animated character named Stubby McGee a stick figure who walks through a world that constantly changes, yet Stubby manages to move forward, never stopped by what changes.

The presentation is amazing.

Here is a sample of KoplantNo live from the performance at Jefferson College, last night.

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