Monday, October 3, 2011

The great cat, penguin war

Once upon a time, a long time ago... the cats ruled the earth.

Now the cats were gentle rules, all they asked for was fresh bowls of water, some petting 100 times a day, and to be fed.  They treated the humans well, until one day... The day the Penguins invaded.

The Penguins were from another planet, well they had to be, for you see they were these strange swimming birds that lived in the coldest regions of the planet earth, they were deceitful creatures who named one of the most barren and coldest places Greenland, and the warmest and nicest places Iceland.

All was fine until she came to a small burg called Podunk.  Podunk is a small city in the middle of nowhere, okay it is in  Missouri.  But all had been quiet in Podunk, then the Queen Penguin, disguised as a mellow quiet woman priest arrived.

When the queen arrived, her Penguin army followed, they came as gifts and in peace... Haa!

They began to take over, not just in Podunk, but Denver, and shudder Hollywood.  Movies were made about the gentle loving Penguins, new merchandise was released featuring the Penguins... Soon the loving wonderful cats began to be forgotten, they were abandoned outside churches, no surprise these churches were run by the queen Penguin.

Soon the cats had enough, they had tried to coexist with these swimming birds, but could not,  Their homes had been taken from them, where they had lived in warm wonderful homes, now they were having to be... well cats, and chase mice.

One night it began, the Cat leader, a black and white cat, named Moondancer announced his plan to take back the earth,

"Meow, mew, merow, meeeow, meeew meeeoooowww."  Translated, he said "Cats, give me your whiskers,  It made no sense, but Moondancer had been on the street a little too long.  He then said to his cat minions, that it was time to take back the earth, that all cats would unite and send the dread Penguins back to their frigid places.

Just then one of the other cats, a  tabby, named Merlin Mewed,  "Only problem Moondancer, we gave you our whiskers, we can't even tell where you are, much less the dread enemy Penguins."

Moondancer looked out upon the cats, and it was true they had given him their whiskers.  He was the last cat who could see.  Suddenly it came to him like a bolt of lightning.

"My fellow cats, stay here.  I shall return."

Before any of the other cats could protest, he slipped away.  He managed to get to KATT Radio and took over the broadcast.

"This next tune goes out to all the swimming birds, out there.  We cats, want to be cool with you.  Come to the party at  West City Park.  We will be laying down some cool tunes and have some fish to share."

Moondancer departed and went back to where the cats were , they were all mewing up a storm.  He meowed loudly, and silence descended.

"Okay cats, the Penguins are on their way.  We will rip them to pieces, when they arrive."

"Meeeeowwww"  It was Taunia the Cat, she was pure black, unlike Moondancer, she crept forward and stopped inches from him.  She sniffed him and then spoke.

"You took my brothers and sisters whiskers from them, you made them blind, now you expect them to be minions and destroy the Penguins for you?  Meeeeoooowww not happening.  Some of us arrived after you left, we have no ill will with the Penguins, yes they took some of our places, but we became demanding of the humans, 100 times a day to be petted, that was too much to expect, and fancy smancy feast all the time  Some of us ended up so fat we couldn't move.  You did this to us."

Moondancer froze, he realized that he was not going to win.

He fled into the night, just as the Penguins arrived. 

"So wheres the fish and tunes cat?"

Taunia stared in disbelief, she saw the queen Penguin, towering over her. 

"Mew, mew did this?  Why Meow?"

"I am queen of all the Penguins, and it is my duty to rule this world.  Your friend was right, too bad, you turned your fellow cats against him.  Now where are the fish and tunes... cat?"

"Call me Taunia, you non flying bird.  I am the true leader of the cats, now apologize or prepare to fight.  Meow!"

"If a fight is what you want, so be it.  Penguins attack!"

Mews and Squawks filled the night, claws ripped and fur flew as the Penguins and cats fought.  The battle was raging and suddenly a light descended from the heavens.  Was it aliens from another world... Worse it was Dogs.

"Hey, we heard their was to be a party, count us in."

Taunia and the lead Penguin looked at each other.

"Squawk, squaccck Squuuuaaaacccck?"   "Mew Merow, Meow Meooow"

Suddenly the Penguins and cats united to take on the dogs,  did they win???

To BE CONTINUED IN Dogs Day, Cats and Penguins Night... The Epic continues.


  1. Who will it be, Cats and Penguins, or will the Dogs somehow win? Tune in two weeks to see the next chapter.

  2. You, my husband, are a nut case but that is one reason I love you! I cannot wait to hear the next episode.
    Naila Moon