Friday, October 14, 2011

Some photos

What follows is a mix of some recent photos

One of the local gas stations getting into the Halloween mood.

My most recent model, the Academy B-24 Liberator with markings from the old MPC Profile series kit, and hand painted wing stripes.

Two final photos of the forest at Convergys Parking Lot, beautiful.

Two photos of the flowers blooming at Convergys.

Two photos of me, by my wife.  I shaved my hair in support of my Nephew Lane, who is receiving therapy for Leukemia and was afraid of losing his hair.  In the second photo I am wearing my new glasses, I look like Drew Carrey.

Four photos taken at a special retreat here in Missouri.  It is beautiful and unspoiled and a place you really can get away from the maddening crowd.

My mother in Law in a prayerful moment.

Detailed shot of the Full moon, a few nights back.

Last two shots, of the cutest little kid on the planet, my step grand daughter Izabella the amazing.  Please note, in the second photo she is wearing one of my old work shirts from when I worked at the Auraria campus Bookstore.  The shirt was about five times too large for her.

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