Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A couple of thoughts

I thought I would post a few things I have been thinking about, one triggered by a conversation with my mother and law and the other brought on by a conversation with my wife.

The other day, Tuesday May 15th I was sitting with my mother in law having oatmeal at the local Penarra Bread Co.  We were discussing a wide array of topics and she brought up a point that really made me think.  She brought up how we. especially men, have the habit of not trusting people. 

At first I thought she was off base, then I thought about how when I meet someone, my immediate reaction is that I will trust the person as far as I can throw them.  In other words, I do not trust people very much.

I thought about this, and I realized where this comes from, besides the caveman brain of fight or flight, it is a cultural aspect too.

We are taught by our religions, our parents, our friends limits in trust.  Then society reinforces this.

Think of this way, we follow a religion and most of us think, this is the only true path, the only true God, there are no others that are true, they are not to be trusted, they follow the way of the evil one or mislead people from the true path.

Another example, I have a few true friends, and I accept them as long as they agree with me 90% of the time, and as long as they reflect my ideas and beliefs, if they don't then I question how can they truly by my friend?  If they do not believe as I do, and follow the sports teams and political beliefs I have and go to the same church and have two point five children and three point five cats and a house in Manitou Springs and another in Saint Louis, then how can I trust them and accept them?

Something to think about.

One final point on this one, how we divide things by good and evil, instead of balanced and equal. 

Don't you love it when I have breakfast with my mother in law???

The second thing I am writing about, and this makes no sense at all is the fact that womens' clothing is not made the same as men's.

I know many men, aren't aware of this.  We throw clothes in the washer and dryer and don't think about it.  Our clothes are designed so that you can put them in the washer, then the dryer without thinking.  They will not shrink or expand, they will remain the same size they were when we put them into the washer and dryer.

Womens' clothing on the other hand, will shrink if it goes into the dryer.  Shirts,blouses,sweaters and types of pants will shrink and no longer fit, or will reveal more than before.

Now I do not understand how this can be.  They are made the same, with the same fabrics, and yet they shrink.  Nothing is different in how they are washed or dried, yet they shrink.


Seriously, I would love to know why womens' clothing shrinks in the dryer. 

Now I have one more question concerning womens' clothing. 

Why are the pockets not as deep, on jeans and other pants?  With my jeans and pants I have deep pockets that can hold billfold, camera, keys, pocket watches and other items.  Yet a womans' pockets can carry maybe a set of keys and camera.  They aren't as deep and stuff falls out.

So here you have it my one question and one thought for today. 

So what are you pondering?

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  1. That is why women carry purses. We carry everything we need AND everything YOU need. It is a conspiracy!
    ~Your wife

    PS>Breakfast, lunch, or dinner with Mom can always be interesting or make you want to pull your hair out. You choose. ;)