Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Pictures from Grant's Farm

 The history of Grant's Farm.
 Entering Grant's Farm
 River at entry to Grant's Farm

 Wife taking in the view.
 Grant;s House?
 Wagons from back when Grant lived here/
 Fish pond, one of several.
 Wild Turkeys
 My wife, enjoying the journey
 A habitat for one of the more unique animals on the farm,
 Close up of the habitat.
 Cool crystals in the gift shop
 More cool Crystal formations in the gift shop.
 Feeding the Goats, we didn;t have the opportunity to do this, but we will.

 Red Kanga Roo.
 Red Kangaroo too

 Two shots of Bald Eagles that can not fly, due to injuries.

 Luke, I am your Llama
 Old Fire Engine
 Old Carriages on the farm

These are just samples of what you will see at Grant;s Farm, so as I said before... If you have never been to Grant's Farm, and if you, well y'all come back yeah hear.

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