Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Going to Grants' Farm

Yesterday, Sunday April 29th, my wife, and mother-in-law and I went to Grant's Farm in Saint Louis.  Now, I thought I knew everything about U.S. Grant, however I had never known he had a been a farmer, or lived in Missouri.  

When Grant was a young Lieutenant he would come down to the farm during the summer, this was where he met his future wife.  He farmed the land until 1859.

Now if you are like me, when you think of farms, at least if you are from the big city like me, you don't think of them being huge and vast spreads of land.  Yet at Grant's farm it is just that, a vast expanse of land that has been maintained by the  Anheuser family, of Anheuser Busch/Budweiser.  The Anheuser family bought Grant's farm in 1907 and established a wilderness reserve on the 281 acres.

There are amazing collections of many animals from around the world, from Camels, to Flamingos to Eagles that because of injury can not fly.  But this is also the home of the Budweiser Clydesdale horses.  These are perhaps the most beautiful and amazing horses to be seen anywhere.

If you have never been to Grant's Farm, then GO!  Yes, go and spend the day. you will not be disappointed, if anything you will be amazed.  

Photos to follow, by both myself and Naila Moon.

Shedding Camel
Flightless Eagle
Llama again
 Red Kangaroo

 Fire engine

 Bavarian Eatery
Free Beer.  I am sorry Adolph Coors, but you are unknown here in Saint Louis.

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