Monday, June 25, 2012

Mondays' Music Moves Me Family

This is a special 4M for me, this is a tribute in music to people in my family, those alive and passed.

The first is dedicated to my father, Ralph Richards, who died in April of 1975.  He was a great musician, he played for several local jazz bands and wrote several arrangements,  His most famous was an arrangement of Richard Harris's MacArthur Park. 
So in tribute to my father, here is ....
Barry Manilow, I write the songs.

Was he young back then, then again so was I.
Next up, a special song dedicated to my wife, yes it's Barry Manilow again.  You could say our life has had some magic associated with it.  LOL
This is a Magical version because it is the extended unreleased version.
This next one is my theme, has been since the song came out in the 1980's.  Sometimes you may wonder why I walk off cliffs unaware, it's because my ego is a bit bigger than my sense of reality.  So I warn you, you may have to TAKE ON ME, by ahHa.
Still amazing all these years later.

This next one is dedicated to my mother in law, who is a very strong willed individual who has a unique view and is willing to fight to present it.  Like a single Battlestar leading a rag tag fugitive fleet to find Earth.
What is interesting about this opening.  It is from a two part episode titled LOST PLANET OF THE GODS.  My mother in law has a quest to unify all under one banner to coexist, and be a planet of the Gods, no coincidences.  Ever.

This song goes out to my step daughter, and it could apply to my mother in law as well.  Helen ready says it better than I could.
I wish I could come up with songs for other members of my family, but I got a late start, pehaps I will add a few later on.  But right now this is how it stands. 

With love and respect for all of my families.


  1. Great songs! We are still on the lookout each night to see if that rag-tag fugitive fleet will ever make it to earth! Ha!:)

  2. These are great songs for tributes.

    I enjoyed your sharing!

    Thanks for rocking with us today.

    Have a great week!

  3. Whoa, Dude! Get down for sure! Great picks, and that last one you definitely get a gold star for that one young man! YOU SO ROCK! Don't forget to enter our give-aways in celebration of our 100th week of rockin' together!

  4. Love that all these songs have special meanings,after all, music is so much sweeter when it touches the heart!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  5. *swoons over our song!*
    I so love you.
    Enter that give-away. Want stuff! lol
    ~Your wife

    PS>I know you could have come up with more songs too.

  6. Wow, you're totally rocking this week! I'm so like dancing in my chair. Barry Mannilow has always been one of my favorite volalists. He has such a smooth voice, doesn't he? And, yes a Take On Me totally blows the doors off after all these years. This was a fave by many from the 80s. And, we all know Helen Reddy for her number one hit, I Am Woman! Great freebie pick! It's always such fun to dance with you each week. Best of luck to you in the Gala Giveaway! ^.^