Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You really know that you are getting old when...

You take a walk about to clear your head, while looking for work online and you find yourself surrounded by buildings that look like they were part of the original STAR TREK T.V. series.

For those not in the know, I returned to Colorado, two weeks ago thinking I had a job lined up... that didn't happen.  I have been looking religously daily for work.  

Well I had been online since six this morning, for three hours straight and I needed to get some air.  So I decided I would take a short walk about, take my camera and get a few shots.

What I came across is a building that I knew of, but never had been to, much less seen the whole building when I had lived in Colorado previously.

The buildings are two different structures.  One is The Civic Center Cultural Complex, and the second is an extension of the Denver Art Museum building.

Both look like something that Captain Kirk and his crew would have beamed into back in the day.

Enough words, here are some pictures, taking you where this Coloradoan had never been before...

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  1. I remember the Deneva Colony exteriors were filmed at the TRW corporate HQ in Redondo Beach, CA. This bears a striking resemblance to those buildings...