Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday's Music Moves Me Music of Love

By now, many of you know that I am bit off kilter.  I mean I get my postings backwords, when it comes to The 4M's.  I mean last week should have been music from your wedding and this week is the free bee.  How the bee got free inside the studio I do not know.

Drum beat.

Anyhow, so this week is music of LOVE.  Yes, Love that's what it's all about.  So be perepared this could get a little strange.  What am I saying, I am strange.

This first one, I discovered this version early last week, I have always loved this song ever since ROBINHOOD PRINCE OF THIEVES, the video was fantastic and Bryan Adams, I thought had the ultimate version.  But now, well I think this version is just the cats whiskers.
I was hoping to do our song, which is Barry Manilow's Could it be Magick, and what do you know?  I found this version, now granted it is a bit different, but it is our song.

This next one is by one of my favorite movie music composers, mainly John Williams.  The piece is titled Across the Stars and it is the love ballad from STAR WARS Episode II.  The song is so beautiful and in a way expresses how when people love each other that nothing will keep them apart, that their love will be strong, if not stronger than before.

And one last piece

Yes Pierce Brosnan can sing, so can Meryl Streep.  This song is so true.  When you are apart you really need each other more.

So there you have it.


  1. Who would've ever thought Pierce Brosnan & Meryl Streep could sing, right? I'm impressed. Don't fret with getting themes turned around. It happens to the best of us sometimes. BTW, your weblink on Miss Dolly's linkup is broken or something, so I had to Google you. =D I'm clever like that, aren't I? lol Anyhow, great song picks for freebie week!

  2. Loved your choices and I have always thought the Star Wars music was incredible!
    Have great week :)

  3. Off kilter is always good :) Brings excitement to life.

    Love your choices today too :)

    Have a joyful week!

  4. Hello.
    Visiting from the post A-Z Road Trip.

    I've always liked Kenny G's music. Meryl & Pierce actually sound good. Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

    1. My wife and I saw Pierce and Meryl in the movie Mamma Mia, about a year ago. It was one of those movies I checked out from the public library, because of who was in it.

      The movie is fantastic and the singing amazing.

      Glad you enjoyed the music.

  5. LeeAnn Rhimes & Kenny G what a find that is. Love all your choices, and I seen Mama Mia too with a bunch of the girls from the health club. That was a hoot & that's exactly why we went to see it too because of who was in it. Totally loved it... I think. Thanks for playing You so ROCK!

    1. Hello Dolly, I know bad joke, but I am off kilter.

      Anyhow, wanted to say, that the Leann Rimes Kenny G was one of those things that just happen.

      I have loved the song forever and only knew the Bryan Adams version, so that had been my favorite. Every Bryan Adams version I could not link to my page.

      I just about gave up, when I found the Leann Rimes Kenny G version. I was amazed by the sound and the lilting quality. So this version is now my favorite of Everything I do.

      As to Momma Mia, my wife and I saw that about a year ago, and just fell in love with it. What amazed us, that Pierce Brosnan, the second best Bond out there could sing, and sing well. Very expressive singer and actor.

      Will be back next week, same bat time, same Bat channel.

  6. Very lovely songs - great choices and I look forward to hearing your Summer Songs next week.

  7. Oh I will just swoon here ok? I mean you played our song and a bunch of other love songs just for me!
    I so love you and miss you something crazy.
    Your wife,
    Naila Moon

    1. Could you tell how much I was thinking of us, with including Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep? I think of that as one of the most fun movies we found by accident. Miss You terribly too.

  8. I love all your picks... you could post love songs every week (off-kilter or not) and I wouldn't care. :-]
    Glad you could play along this week and share your's and Naila's song with us.
    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. I know enough romantic music I could do one of those Time Life compilations.

      Glad you enjoyed it, have no idea what next week will bring.

  9. John Williams is a composer that will go down in history. Thanks for sharing them all because I enjoyed them all.

    Danielle @ Royalegacy