Monday, July 16, 2012

4 M's late in the day. Gone but not forgotten

I have had a odd day, moved again, and am catching up on three days with bad sleep, so I apologize for getting this posted so late in the day.

My first post, is a group that broke up in 1970, and who has lost a couple members to death since then.  However although group is gone, their music is not forgotten

Starting off THE BEATLES with one of their more haunting songs, and they way this is cut gives it even more power.  LET IT BE.
Next up, He shaped a generation in style and music, after all he was the King of Rock.
Elvis with one of his softer love songs, from his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.
This next group did some of the most amazing music from the mid 1960's up into the 1980's.  Occasionally the come out of retirement to do a concert or two, or even put out a new CD.  If you have never seen the Moody Blues, it is well worth it.
One of their more interesting songs and an amazing video.  THE VOICE

My last selection is a singer, who started off as an angry young man in the 1970's and taught us that he would accept us Just the way we are in the 1980'  Yes I know he still sings on occasion, but hasn't been on the radio or MTV in eons.    One of his most powerful songs, from his last big album, RIVER OF DREAMS, No Mans' Land.


  1. A bit off theme hon but your post are great none-the-less. Your crazy logic gets me sometimes. Ha!
    Love you,
    ~Your Wife

  2. Hey Michelle! I'll drink to that! Dude, you scared the hell outta me! I thought Billy Joel died! The man is a genius from day one, and talent that doesn't stop no matter how old he gets & as far as Moody Blues... WELL... All I'm gonna say is our last name is Moody... so who does my husband love???? hmmmmmmmmmmmm Love your other choices though... but Dude get it together man!!! LOL Thanks for joining in with us and sharing your... uh... stuff! Hey did you enter our give-aways yet??? tsk tsk SLACKER! LOL

    1. oooPS I forgot to sign! Your Friend!~ Well your wife signed.... so I can too!!!

  3. Great picks today! Moody Blues is new to me, but I think I like them. I love the introduction of music groups like this this. Thanks for linking up with Monday's Music Moves Me and keep the groove a movin'!