Monday, July 30, 2012

Mondays Music Moves Me Funny Songs

Please note:Firefox will not display any of the videos or the captions, they are claiming that you need to update the PLUG IN fields.  This can be viewed and played on any other browser.

This is one that will either be funny or drive you crazy.
Next up.  This one will either cause you to laugh histarically or you will go what bleep.  It hints at a few words that are not clean, but overall this is funny, I mean they used Billy Joel's We didn't start the fire for the basis of the song.
It's all about TIME
This wraps it up.  Til next time


  1. What a spectacular way to begin a new week with lots of smiles & laughs! Thanks for adding to our fun with your song picks, I especially liked Facebook Theme song - too funny! Have a delightful musical week, and we'll see you again next Monday! ^.^

  2. I have not heard of the bottom two songs, but know Wakko's song--got it on the computer. I have tried and tried to relearn the states with their capitals from Wakko's song, but it is just too darn fast for me! Ha!

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  3. I'm really loving this theme today!
    Thanks for sharing your fun with us!

    Aloha :)

  4. Dude, you're rockin' with us again! Totally awesome, and totally funny! Muppets are always cool to watch. Great choices. See you next time! Thanks for linking up once again. Always nice to see a gentleman in the crowd.