Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mixed Posting this July 4th

Today, is the 4th of July, for many this is just a day on the calendar; however for those of us who live in the United States it has a special significance for 236 years ago we declared our independence for better or worse.

We were frustrated by unfair taxation, and no representation.  For the majority of my life, I have felt blessed to live in this country, to be blessed with freedoms that in parts of the world do not exist.  The ability to post this blog, without fear of being sent to jail for my comments.  The ability to watch programs and movies without censorship.

Yet this year I feel closer to the original colonists than ever in my life, for we have no real representation of the average person, most of our jobs have been exported by the senators and representatives who we entrusted to make sure we have labor for our citizens.

Unfair laws preventing many people from establishing their own businesses to turn around the economy and me struggling for a year to find permanent stable and decent paying work.  Yet I still have to believe that this country can turn around, and that I too will be successful in finding work in the next few days.

An unrelated thought, yesterday, an actor who touched several generations, whether as the Sergeant in No time for Sergeants, or the kindly Sheriff of Mayberry or the calculating attorney investigator Matlock, has passed.

Andy Griffith at 86 passed on. I grew up with this man, and he will be missed.

So here are my thoughts on this fourth of July.

I hope you all have a fun filled and joyful Fourth.

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  1. Well taken. So celebrate what we have and what people are still fighting to get.
    I love you!
    Happy 4th.