Thursday, April 25, 2013

A fascinating retelling

For the past several years James Cawley has headed up a production company that has, through donations of funds talent and skill continued the originals STAR TREK episodes, online.

The series was originally Called STAR TREK The New Voyages, but was quickly changed to STAR TREK Phase II, the original Title Gene Roddenberry had come up with when he pitched the continuation of the series in 1977.

Last Year Cawley produced one of the best episodes, one we have already seen in STAR TREK, the next generation; however this time we were seeing as it had been originally written, not the politically correct and adapted, watered down version we got on TNG.

The Episode in question is titled, "The Child"  In the story a member of the Enterprise crew is impregnated and gives birth after only 3 days.

The child quickly ages to 10 years and suddenly a strange set of events begin to affect the Enterprise and its' crew.

In this adaptation, which was the story as it had been intended back in 1977 the story is more tightly written and there is a deeper sense of connection between the child and her mother.

With it being Kirk and not Picard, we have from the beginning the risk of this child being a threat to the ship, and Kirk taking actions, such as observing the child from the bridge to study it, find out its' true purpose.

Cawley is perfect as Kirk, and out Kirk's Shatner, because he is playing the part now straight without trying to mimic Shatner at all.

The thension rises and when the story does end, there is a sense of elation and sadness that comes from excellent writing and story telling.

If you have yet to see any of the PHASE II stories this is a chance to start, whith what I believe is honestly the best so far.

The only sad note, is that for what ever reason, this is James Cawleys' last appearance of Captain Kirk in the new PHASE II.  It will hard to see anyone else fill these shoes.

Here is the episode in its' entirety.

I hope you enjoy this episode and will 'Boldly go' and check out the other episodes of STAR TREK PHASE II.

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