Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do You Remember

The Music of Chuck Mangonie?

I was 15 the first time I heard the music of Chuck Mangonie, it was either on the Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin or Dinah Shore show.  I was overwhelmed by his music, the way he played the flugle horn was amazing.  

I had never heard anyone like Mangonie before, the closest and it was a different style was the Music of Buddy Rich and Dave Brubeck.

I got Mangonie's "Live from the Hollywood Bowl" album in 1980 and repurchased it a few years back on CD.

So what brought this to life today?

I was coming home on the bus and a gentleman by the name of Tucker and I got into a conversation, concerning music and suddenly we were discussing Chuck Mangonie.

So here are a few selections of his music, I hope you enjoy and share your memories you have of Chuck Mangonie.

Children of Sanchez,from Live from the Hollywood Bowl.

Chase the Clouds away, Chuck Mangonie with Marilyn McCoo.

Closing with his best known piece.  Feels So Good.

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