Monday, April 14, 2014

A fantastic Recipe from out of the blue

Two weeks ago, while at work I saw part of a recipe on Ion TVs' Sunday morning show.

The recipe was very bare bones, nothing amazing; however it inspired me.  So here is my take.  No measurements , just trust your instinct.

In a frying pan pour in a liberal amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, coat well. 

Toss in as many Baby Spinich Leaves as you like cut up into three segments Asparagus, use half a tomato cut into segments.

Cut into segments a third or more of red or green bell peppers, you can use both,

Keep mixing together.

Add in cut Mushrooms segments of Avacado, canned corn and mixed vegetables.  Keep mixing.  Don't let the Spinach stick to the frying pan. 

For additional flavor and protein take two to three Gorton Fish Patties that have been cooked according to instructions and cut up and stir in.  The breading will come off and add itself to the mixture and the Fish will take on the flavors of the sauces and veggies. 

Now add in two eggs scramble these in with the other ingredients and then add in your favorite Alfredo sauce and Six Cheese sauce mix in well with the other ingredients.

Reduce head and let simmer then serve hot.

You can add Parma cheese to give it a little extra kick and Salt and Pepper if you desire.

Takes 25 minutes to 35 minutes.

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