Monday, April 7, 2014

Mondays Music it's cloudy with a chance of....

Well it;s all about weather so let's get started with a song from when I was a young un...

Next up a surprise, because I am not sure which song it will be as yet.  Haaa.  I kill me.  Here is a very different rendition of this song done by the lady of the Blues Billie Holiday.
Next up we finally get out of the stormy weather, with this rendition of Blue Skies.

This last song kind of deals with the weather, it is more an honorable mention.  Version one is the one we all know and love.  Version 2 will be a surprise.

Now the version most people have not heard...

The last version is exactly how Tony Bennett recorded it.  He did not record the whole song, and this is a revamped version of the recording he did on his album, Tony sings the great hits of today.

Hope you enjoyed my weather forecast, and hopefully we all get some sunny skys and warmth,  Til next weel.


  1. I love the variety you provided - and all songs of my era as well.
    Wishing you sunny skies!

  2. I agree good choices and variety ;-)

    Have a weathertastic week ;-)

  3. Love Stormy Weather! I go with Charles Mingus version; with Dolphy on the Sax and Curson on trumpet.
    Bennet definitely has a different feel on that song.

  4. I enjoyed Blue Skies. Interesting choices!

  5. WEll, I thought of none of these today.
    I love Blue Skies!

    Have you been listening to the albums again? LOL
    Great picks today honey!

  6. it's been a while since Richard Harris's McArther Park.

  7. Excellent choices. I remember all of these and love 'em! Keep the music movin' ya, and have a tuentastic week!

  8. Oooh I know most of these and my fave is always Kenny!

    Hope you had fun hopping in the music!

  9. OMG CAKE OUT IN THE RAIN! They wore that sucker out when it first came out to the point people just said OH NO NOT AGAIN! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE TONY BENNETT! And believe it or not I don't remember this one & I know all of his. I see great minds think a lot because I too had Raindrops fallin' on my head. YOU SO ROCK DUDE! Sorry I'm late Cable just came back on today! Sheesh!

  10. Marie,

    The reason you do not know this Tony Bennett song, is because it came from an album forced on him by the record company.

    The album Tony sings the great hits of today, forced him to sing this along with Lennon and MacCartney. Bennetts' original recordings were full of bile. He only liked one song and did it well and that was Sunrise Sunset. The rest of the album was a throw away..