Friday, April 18, 2014

Getting back into the groove...Ten more, nine more...

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is getting back into doing something that you loved and made you feel good all over.

For me this was working out.  No you didn't read that wrong I love working out.  I love how you can push yourself and learn that in all reality you have no limits except what you accept from people around you.

When I used to work out close to six days a week, I would upgrade my exercises about ever two or three weeks.  I would go from 3 sets of the preachers curl at ten repetitions at 40lbs, to 3 sets of the preachers curl at varried weights and maybe 1 rep of 10 one rep of 15 and one rep of 5.

I always varried Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be cardio and upper body, Tuesday and thursday would be cardio and lower body and Saturday would be a combination of the two.

A few years back when my wife and I moved to Missouri we stopped working out, we just did not have the funds and locations were not easily gotten to.  

So the weight came back and boy did it ever for me.

When we moved back to Colorado, the apartment we moved into was supposed to have an athletic facility available in 3 months from the day we moved in.  Well it took nearly a year and then it was getting the key and getting out of bad habits.

So I am back working out, but I need to find some better instructions on some of the weight traing I am doing, it has been nearly 3 years and I have forgotten everything I knew, well almost.

It's a journey and I intend to succeed and lost the weight I have gained and get back to my size 36 slacks and jeans and a small top again.  

Nothing and no one, especially myself is going to stop me.

What better piece of music to end this on and be a daily inspiration.

James Last Orchestra with their only number 1 hit.  Bill Contis' theme from ROCKY, Gonna Fly Now.

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