Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mondays' Music On the Edge

This first clip is of Tony Bennett, if you read his body language you can tell that he is not as relaxed or comfortible singing this trio of songs as he is with the standards.  What you will not be able to tell is how forced his original recordings were.  With Somewhere, he was originally sounding very gravely and upset in the recording on Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today.

This next song was one of those songs from World War Two that still has some wondering what was the writer of this song on, when he wrote it.  This is a later version of Three Little Fishes done by the Andrews Sisters,

This last piece is my current nomination of the most annoying song or arrangement of a song currently.  Yes these have been songs or arrangements of songs that are not as well done as the original or not enjoyable because of how they drone on, or because, well just because.  The Tony Bennett songs were redone long after his album where he really showed his disdain for the music he was forced to sing.  He was a sonsanant performer and overcame his disdain as the video shows, although as I said by the body language you can tell he is still struggling.  So onto the most annoying song.

Please note this song isn't so bad, it is just how many times does she have to sing The Rumor Has it...  It is enough to cause one to really want to scream.   Adele is a great singer over all, she did the theme to the last James Bond Movie SKYFALL, but this song is ruined by how many times she sings those words over and over again.


  1. Wow from Adele to the Andrew Sisters - what interesting picks! And I don't ever remember Tony Bennett having this much hair, hahahaha, but I know "Who Can I Turn To." Love your picks, what fun! Happy Monday and I hope you have a great week!

  2. What a great mix love the nostalgia with The Andrew Sisters too

    Have a tanfabulosa week :-)

  3. Tony Bennett is awesome. I always liked listening to Andrew Sisters in old movies when I was a kid. I am not a huge fan of Adelle's, but I do like a few of her songs. She has a distinctive voice and sound. Great to share the dance floor with you this morning!

  4. That is very interesting about the body language. If you hadn't pointed it out, I wouldn't be looking for it as he is...well..Tony.

    I did hear that song in the movie and figured it was Adele.

    Very good picks for today!

    Have a fun week!