Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Schism THE BATTLE FOR DARRACIA The first book in an Epic Science Fiction Series

Schism, The Battle for Darracia is the first in a series by Michael Phillip Cash.  Cash is best know for horror and Paranormal thrillers,: Brood X and Stillwell , a haunting on long island.

Like Stillwell, Schism is a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next, the first chapter does start slowly at first however once you get into the ritual that Prince V'sair is chanting the story picks up speed.

Prince V'sair is some ways very reminiscent of Paul Atraides in the Dune Epic started by Frank Herbert.  V'sair like Paul is not your normal human.  V'sair is a half breed between the Darracians,  who live in the clouds and the Quyoos, the people who live on the surface of Darracia, who are employed as servants to the Darracians.

This mix in V'sair makes he feel lost and as if he will never be accepted by either people, instead of being taught how to use the Fireblade, he is being taught the spiritual path.

The story moves rapidly and we find that the king Drakko, of Darracia brother Staf Nuen  not only disapproves of his brother movement toward peace, but equality for the Quyoos, he can not accept the possibility of peace and change and sets into motion a coup to kill his brother and his family to take the throne and keep things as they have always been.

This conflict is along the complex story telling of William Shakespeare mixed with the power struggles and tragedy that nearly all Shakespearean plays had.

There are many characters all whom are major players at one point or another throughout this book and like any good book it will have surprises throughout including the end.

Michael Phillip Cash has done it again, and I can hardly wait for the second book in this series.

5 Stars.

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