Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mondays' Music, the English Invasions

No, that is not a typo.  There have been three English Invasions musically speaking.

The first is the one that everyone knows about, it featured The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Hermans' Hermits amounst others.

So for this first invasion from 1963 to 1969 we have...

Mic Jagger and the Roling Stones, the bad boys from across the pond, they did everything wrong and everyone loved them for that.

This was one of my favorite songs and singers from the 1960s'  Anyone else remember this song?

The Second English Invasion was in all reality a continuation of the first, it began in the mid 1960s' and ran into the mid late 1970s'

Now for me the English Invasion is any part of the Empire under the flag of the mother country, so this first group should be no surprise by that definition.  Here we have The BG's from Australia.
Take a look at the members of the band.  You may be surprised by one member.

By the 1 70s' this group was a huge hit both in Engliand and the U.S.  The Group Pink Floyd with one of their most powerful songs "Wish You Were Here.

In the 1980s' we had the 3rd English/ British invasion

This group came back big in the 1980s' that being THE MOODY BLUES.

Remember watching Men at Work on M-TV singing Who Can it Be Now?  This came out in 1981 and part of that 3rd Invasion.

There was a fourth English invasion, and yes, you guessed it, it was in the 1990s.

Another powerhouse group from Australia was Savage Garden, here with a song that really touches and hits home.  You may need to listen to this more than once, but it is worth it.

Last song from the 1990s' from another group from Liverpool.  

Hope you enjoyed my extended look at the English and British Invasion.  Please note I still have a half dozen more groups and singers that I did not get to, so I will be coming back to this at another time.

Have a musicaltastic week.


  1. Oh honey, you have some of my favs here. Of course I love Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues! This is a trip through the light fantastic of the '80s for me as well.
    Great theme you picked and everyone has seemed to enjoy it.
    Love you,
    Your Wife

  2. I'm glad they invaded with this wonderful music. Kinda sad that I couldn't pull up the Moody Blues. I'll have to listen to them on Youtube.

  3. My dad liked BeeGees and used to play one of his faves on his guitar. I didn't know the name of the group was Men at Work and that was the song too. I kept hearing or is never far away from the DJ's play deck during "Flashback features" programs. Oh, Savage Garden, their "Truly, Madly, Deeply" was a huge hit here, "Affirmation," and I think "Animal Song" from what I can remember. I'm sure there were more. Also I think by the '90s, Brit music invasion came in full force through boybands (okay, not so much like these groups above *grins*) yet there were several notable ones. Boyzone did a cover of "How deep is your Love, and "Words." There was another Irish band called The Corrs and lastly, a Brit-Norwegian group called a1 (which reunited back in 2010-11) altho 'returning' to the UK scene this year. Great selections.

    1. Raine, I remember the Corrs, htrsy group. Sad that their second album was not as diverse as their first. I had an online friend in Wales who introduced me to Oasis and Savage Garden. Loved their music. Yesterday was the first time I had ever seen their videos.

    2. Yeah, I remember that tidbit abt the Corrs sophomore album. Hope they re-unite sometime and release an alb like their 1st. I only remember "Wanderfall" (sp?) from Oasis, will give this a listen.

  4. Am I old? I know and love all of these :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Sorry I'm late. Been so crazy here at home and still going!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Callie, if you're old then so am I. Hey dude, so sorry I thought I made it here last week unless you snuck in later. Anyway, I'm here now & better late than never! Great choices my man! Great minds think alike because I had Petula Clark's Downtown too! Love your picks! Some I know & some I don't, but that's cool cuz they rock! Thanks for joining us whenever you can make it is fine with me! YOU ROCK DUDE!