Monday, March 10, 2014

Stinky Fumes, King of the Wild a Review

I am not one who usually reads childrens' books.  I am 53 and have no children of my own, however I decided to take up this book as a challenge.

The book, 'Stinky Fumes, King of the Wild' is by 

Mahamad Ali ElFakir, and is a book that no matter your age, you will enjoy.

In this book two adopted rabbits find themselves as part of a family of skunks, and the youngest, Pepper is about to go to his first meet and greet, where he will meet all the other skunks of the village and the first time skunks, who will compete and see who has the most powerful spray.

The book moves rapidly, and keeps you involved throughout, you will experience a wide array of emotions and will find yourself rooting for Pepper and being surprised by his two rabbit friends Tiger and Hopper.

The book can be found on and is available in both paperback and Kindle versions.

This is a fun book, with a few lessons and some laughs as well.  If you have kids, grand kids or just enjoy a well written book then 'Stinky Fumes, King of the Wild Volume 1, by 

Mahamad Ali ElFakir, is a book for you.

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