Thursday, December 25, 2014


The Game was David Tennants' second journey into the world of Spies, two ycars  ago he was in the BBC America series "Spies of Poland".

While "Spies of Poland" was set in the period just before World War Two, while "The Game" was set up in the 1970s' during the Cold War.  This time Tennant was a spy with Mi-5 who had been assigned to a mission in Russia, which went terribly wrong.  He had fallen in love with a Russian woman who had died and managed to get back to England.

He is caught up in a plot where a Soviet agent who is defecting tells of a plot that could destroy England, but how is uncertain.

The plot is exciting at first, and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the midway point in episode 5 and all of Episode 6.

In the final Episode and a half you are feeling betrayed and annoyed by the whole story line.

Perhaps this was what was intended, but it seems to be a total cop out in the overall story.

Out of 5 stars The Game gets 1 and a third and David Tennant gets 5.

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  1. I would feel so disappointed!

    I recently tried watching the US version of "Broadchurch" (it was called "Gracepoint") but I hated it even though Tennant was starring in it.

    I started watching the original "Broadchurch" on Netflix and can see why it got such rave reviews!