Thursday, December 18, 2014

Two generations and a fitting conclusion

As many of you know, I have always been a fan of the Original STAR TREK, it set the standard for many in the television and film industry and many of us grew up wishing we could have been part of this epic series that ended in May of 1970.

In the past several years, two fan based series have come about to continue and complete the original 5 year mission of theh Starship Enterprise.  One of the most recent is simply titled STAR TREK Continues.

This series began with a bang.  Its' first episode "Pilgrim of Eternity" picks up where "Who Moarns for Adonais" a second season episode where the crew of the Enterprise encounters the God Apollo.

In this episode a young Michael Forest plays the God Apollo and offers the crew of the Enterprise paradise if they simply will bow down to hum and placate his needs.

There was no real exploration of the character of Apollo, correction the God Apollo in any real depth, very few refrences to who he was and his abilities were made, he was more a simple character to play off the dramatic tale,

This for most cases was how Trek and other dramatic series of the day were written.

Jump to 2013 and STAR TREK Continues pilot episode  "Pilgrim of Eternity"  2 years have passed since the Enterprises original encounter with Apollo.

Yet Apollo has aged nearly 50 years and is claiming he has changed, that he and the other Greek Gods had gone to the realm and this was to be where they were to rest in peace for all eternity.  But this is not the case, the realm has become an entity that drains the powers of the Gods to survive.

Apollo truely is alone, the last of the Olympian Gods and all he wants is to live in peace as a mortal among humans.

Kirk and especially Scotty find it hard to accept this.  But this time instead of Apollo putting the crew of the Enterprise at risk, we get to understand who  this God was, is.  He is given the chance to tell his tale, to sing and recite poetry and do something he is less known for, to heal.

By the time we get to the end of Pilgrim... we have a deeper understanding of the God Apollo and  a deeper understanding of the principles of the Enterprise.

Michael Forest is able to  come back and play this part in a fresh manner.

This truly is a well crafted story that gives great empathy to the God Apollo and gives us a new generation taking us to where No Man has Gone Before, again with the spirit of the original series.

May STAR TREK Continues Live long and Prosper.

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