Friday, May 1, 2015

A Second look at the new HAWAII FIVE O

When I am board I tend to do strange things: Read an entire Sherlock Holmes story, and I am talking full length novel in one sitting, try to learn Russian or some other language I will never need to speak or watch a marathon of episodes of television shows I have not watched in a while, this after my studies and chat time and writing time, or is it before then?

Anyhow,I had seen the previews for both Hawaii Five O and Blue bloods last week, and both looked good.

I have not watched FIVE O since the first season, I had watched almost the whole season and gave up, because I did not like the direction the series was going and I did not like the way they cut the opening credits.

But last night I watched two of the most recent episodes, since only three have aired so far, I am only one episode behind.

I watched the episodes out of order and watched the most recent first.  Three business men come to Hawaii to deal with their mid life crisis, they awaken to find ones' hair partly burned off  one looking like they were inducted into the Corps with the trim they got and I can't  remember what happened to him.  They had no idea what had gone on and there was a dead girl in their bath tub.

It only gets stranged a Dark haired man who seemed to be abducting a woman is found dead in a car by a food delivery person.

Are the two cases connected and can MacGarret and his team find the answers?  Of course they do, and in a fashion much like the original FIVE O.

The other episode was as well written and had me on the edge of my seat.  And it is one I have not seen the conclusion of, because it is a two part story.

I will have to go back to seasons two and three to see where this revision and return to the classic FIVE O began.

Jack Lord is no longer spinning in his grave nor James McArthur for that matter.  This is FIVE O the way I remember it, with tight dramatic writing with just a little humor to off set the intensity.

Aloha til next time,

Cast as of 2015 Clark, Kono, Steve Dano and Chin Ho
 Above Picture Steve MacGarrett, Clark and Danno Williams

The two MacGarrets'

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