Thursday, May 28, 2015

GIBBS! What have they done to thee?

Just recently, I watched the final 2 episodes of NCIS for this season.  Now at first the next to last episode did not seem so off, until I began to think about it. and how it was handled.  

The Lost Boys, the next to last episode had a major mistake in the dramatic storyline, in that Gibbs went onto the bus and remained there after the passengers had been successfully evacuated.  Now yes Gibbs would do all he could to talk the young man out of killing himself, but when it became apparent that the young man was going to kill himself, Gibbs needed to get to safety, also he was hardly injured or so it seemed because he was back in action immediately, no rest or recovery.

Neverland, the final episode of the season Gibbs might as well not have been in the story, because for all intensive purposes he was not.

Mark Harmon walked through this episiode with hardly a single line of dialogue, his reactions were plastic.

Every major scene in the spisode Mimi Rogers,CIA officerJoanna Teague was the lead character, she had all the significant dialogue and left Mark Harmon just standing there looking like a frustrated character.

Gibbs had nothing to say or do until near the very end of the episode where he was again confronted by a teenage twerrorist and put in harms way.

The other major problem I had with Mimi Rogers character, for a woman whose son had just died, she was static.  There were no emotions, she was aloof and unemotional, even when looking at her son in Duckys' lab.

Granted she was a high ranking CIA official, but in all honesty, she had just lost her son, besides anger at wanting revenge, there were no other emotions expressed.  She might as well have been a Vulcan.

Also one of the worst scenes involved Abby Schuto.

Abby has always been calm, and in control, she has let her emotions fly when need be, but she has never pulled back and been a shrinking violet.  I a key scene with Gibbs and her in her lab, she sounded like a scared little girl and held a stuffed giraffe as if she were five years old.

I can not remember the last time I have watched an episode of NCIS and been so disappointed by the episode.  This is two this season that seem to be poorly executed.  Maybe, this is a sign that Season 13 should be the last season of the series.  Maybe it is time to walk away before the episodes get worse than this and make fans feel totally alienated.

What were your thoughts?


  1. I've not watched NCIS for a long time!
    Hi! I'm a new follower of your blog via GFC.
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    1. Glad that you stopped by. Hope you will take the opportunity to check out some of mt other posts.

      Hope to be seeing you are a regular.