Saturday, May 2, 2015

THE DARK WORLD OF BLAKES' 7 and how it coming to be today.

Back in 1978 a television series premiered in England, the series was a dark and brooding series with a group of criminals and a man falsely accused of pedophilia as the heroes, who fought against a tyrannical government that used drugs and technology to imprison their population.

The Series was called BLAKES 7 and it ran for four years.

In the series people were constantly under observation, they were fed false broadcasts of events of fake messages from family members long since killed, they had no civil rights and the police were every where and could arrest you and detain you without any warrant or cause.

Also in the second season there were two shocking episodes that ring truer moreso now than back then.

The first was an episode titled SHADOW.  This episode dealt with a drug that was very addictive and was able to get past earth security and into the population.  At the end it was discovered that the government on earth controlled the drug and its dispersal.

Wouldn't it be surprising if this explains why the cartels can infiltrate our nation and sell their drugs with only limited interdiction by our law enforcement.

The one that really struck a nerve though was WEAPON.  The FEDERATION, The earth government had developed a weapon that on one setting it marks a person so they can be tracked and located, the second setting can kill them.

Just recently a new piece of technology was released by accident to the news services.  The device can spray a fine mist on a person that allows them to be located and tracked without them knowing.

Sounds like Blake technology.  

Other aspects of Blakes' world that have crept into our daily life.

No matter where you go, you are under observation.  Security cameras on busses, in banks, stores restaurants schools.  Cameras mounted at stop lights that photograph you if you break the law or record vehicles as they travel through certain areas of a city.  

People conditioned to this monitoring by television shows like Big Brother and to a lesser degree Survivor.

Profiling of people who are of certain ethnic or racial lines. 

People being content to not be involved as long as they have their laptops and cell phones.

Slowly we are moving more and more into the world of 1984 of Blakes 7 a world of darkness and no freedom.

We can stop this, we have the ability to do so.  But it means becoming involved and taking stands and not allowing more and more invasions in our lives to protect us from it.  What ever it is.

Act for freedom or sit by and be passive and be a prisoner of the government.  It is up to you.

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