Sunday, March 20, 2016

First two weeks of my recovery

Nearly two weeks ago, Thursday March 11th since I went onto Cox South Hospital here in Springfield Missouri.

Since Tuesday the 14th I have been doing rehab to speed up my recovery.

Believe it or not for the first several days I had to be lifted into a sitting posture to be able to go to the rest room as well as getting to a chair or being laid out in a bed to rest.

My chest looks like one of Ducky's corpses.  There is a long red gash where the skin is healing.

When ever I would be assisted in getting up I have to hold  a pillow over my chest.

When waling I would have some one accompany me with a gait belt around my waist, the person who would walk with me, would hold onto the belt to help me be steady.

I would use either a wheel chair or walker to support myself, and would only walk as far as I could and then turn around into my room, where again I would be assisted in sitting or laying back down.

I will not be doing any heavy lifting for a while, and I will be facing 4 to 6 weeks of recovery.  This will be a chance to do any physical therapy and relearning how to do simple things like getting up and walking.

Life is an adventure and this one that I shall never forget.

Photos to follow.

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