Sunday, April 3, 2016


Hello and welcome to my new blog page.

I know, you are wondering, why the changes?

First off, this is the third name change since I began this blog, it was originally Creative Minds and then became Chronicles from the man cave.  This came about when I was doing a ton of scale model building and in part living with my mother in law in Missouri in 2011/12 and built my models in her basement.

So why this change now?

For those not aware on December 31st I entered a mens shelter here in Springfield Missouri, I had been in two psych wards since the end of November 2015 and had been discharged.

Part of the requirement to stay at the shelter for the 90 days was to do chores and attend classes and church.

Instead of being stubborn, I accepted this and began a new journey which is still continuing.

I began several open Bible study classes and also began to do my own reading of The Bible starting with First Samuel.

For me this was an amazing book that really got to me, because I could see how Saul had been corrupted, because of the experience I had just been through and was going through.

I had already established a bond with God and Jesus and when I had my heart attack and open heart surgery I knew that my life was forever changing.

So now that I am on this path I have taken the name of Paul.  Because of Saul of Tarsis who had been a persecutor of the early Christians, and for the previous 12 years I had been on a path that only built my anger and blinded me to what really was important.

I shed that name and am reborn now as Paul.  

This will still be a combination of reviews and model building tips with occasional poetry; however it will also have more spiritual content as well.

So there you have it.

Hope that you will enjoy this new blog spot and I wish you all a wonderful evening, In Jesus's name.


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