Friday, April 22, 2016

A-Z Challenge Part 20 Names and Places in The Bible T is For #atozchallenge

Tabitha: From Acts of the Apostles.  Tabitha is a follower of Jesus whom has brought many into his church.  She died, Peter was called upon; he prayed and brought her back to life.
Peter goes to TabithaPeter about to pray over Tabitha.

Talmai: Name of the father of King David's wife Maacah.
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Thaddeus: From the Gospel of Matthew.  He is believed to have been referred to by four different names in the Gospel.  It is believed that he was a missionary and was also a martyr.
Thaddeus and Simon the Zealot - Getty Images

Theophilus: An unknown individual who Luke wrote to in both the Gospel of Luke and Acts of The apostles.  Theory presents that Theophilus was either a person of wealth or a high ranking Roman official because of how Luke addressed him in his writing.

Thomas: The disciple who doubted that Jesus had risen from the grave until he touched the wounds in Jesus's body.

Timothy: Paul's chosen successor and student.

Tiras: Grandson of Moses.
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