Thursday, April 21, 2016

A-Z Challenge Part 19 Names and Places in The Bible. S is For #atozchallenge

Salome: From the New Testament, she was the daughter of Herodias who danced before King Herod and was awarded with the head of John The Baptist.

Samson: Old Testament Hero, blessed by God with super strength that came from his hair.  His lover Delilah cut off his hair, making him powerless and allowing the Philistines who bound him and took him prisoner.  In one final act of strength and rebellion to his captors he broke his bonds and brought down the pillars of the temple upon himself and his captors.
Samson misrepresented about to tare down the temple, at this point he was hairless.

Samuel: He was the last ruling Judge in the Old Testatment, who annointed Saul to be the First King of Israel and later annointed David.

Sapphira: Wife of Ananias.  Ananias and his wife Sapphira sold land and gave all but a portion to the Apostles.  Both lied about the total made from the sale and both were struck down for their deception.

Sarah originally Sarai: Wife of Anraham and at 90 the mother of Isaac.
Sarah at 90, mother of Isaac.

Satan: One of many names given to the enemy of humanity and archenemy of God.  He who wished to eusurp Gods place and rule over manking.  The great deceavor and destroyer by use of lies and illusions.
No Image Used.

Saul: In The Old Testament, the name of the first King of Israel, who destroyed himself because of his eventual hatrid of David, whom had been his closest and best friend and warror.  

Saul in the New Testament was the name of Paul, before he changed his name.  Saul had been a persecutor of Christians, until being blinded on the road to Domascus. 
Saul becoming Paul at time of conversion from persecutor to apostle.

Sela:In the Old Testament this was the capital city in Edom. 

Seth: Book of Genesis, Third son of Adam and Eve.
Adam,Eve and Seth.

Shadrach: Babylonian name given to three Israeli captives.  Shadrach Meshack and Abendego refused to bow down to King Nabuchadnezzar and his Gods and their images.  The three men were put in a blazing furnace and delivered by God.
Shadrach Meshech and Abendego in the firery furnace of Nebuchanezzar.  With the Son of Man as well?

Solomon: Born as the second son of King David and Bethsheba, he became the third King of Israel.  He was gifted by God, but allowed his lust to lead to his downfall upon which he fell away from Yahweh and worshiped idols and false Gods.

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