Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A-Z Challenge Part 5. Names and Places in the Bible E is for... #atozchallenge

Tuesday, April 5th 2016

E is for...

Ebenezer: Name of a monument erected by Samuel.

Edom: Esau is given the name Edom, because he trades his birthright for a helping of red broth.
Lesson Three: The Ark of the New Covenant

Ehud: Ehud killed Elgon, the King of Moab and freed the city of Jericho from Moabite rule. 

Eli: A high priest in Israel and teacher (Rabbi) to Samuel.

Elijah: A prophet during the reign of King Ahab and his Queen Jezebel, this was in the 9th Century B.C.
The two books of Kings tell of his life.

Elisha: The prophet who is the successor to Elijah.

Will there be more E's tomorrow, or perhaps F???


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