Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A-Z Challenge Part 17. Names and Places in The Bible, P is For #atozchallenge

Pallu: From the Old Testament, the name of a Son of Reuben.
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Paul: Originally a Roman who persecuted the Christians, at this time his name and title was Saul of Tarsis.  When on the road to Damascus he was blinded and left to parish.  The Holy Spirit of Jesus descended upon him and he was reborn.  He took the name Paul and wrote many of the epistles in the New Testament.

Perez: Twin brother of Zereh from the Old Testament.
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Peter: From the New Testament, Simon Peter was one of Jesus's favorite disciples, Jesus felt that Peter was so strong he would carry forth and be the foundation of the early church.

Phanuel: In the New Testament, father to the prophetess Anna.
No image of Phanuel, this was his Daughter Anna the Prophetess.

Philemon: Paul sends a personal and pastoral epistle to Philemon, a fellow "Brother in Christ" and a coworker in the faith.  The epistle was concerning an escaped slave from Philemon, who had come to visit Paul, as a recent convert to Christ.  Paul addresses Philemon in kind terms to please accept back his slave, but as a new Brother in Christ.
Philemon and his returned Slave, being greeted back.

Pontius Pilate: Roman Governor of Judea, who offered to set Jesus free for the death of Barabbas.  The crowd rejected this and Pilate was forced to put Jesus up for Crucifixion. 


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