Sunday, April 3, 2016

A-Z Challenge Names and Places in The Bible C is for... #atozchallenge

Sunday April 3rd, 2016 from Paul's Desk in Springfield Missouri.

Welcome to day 3 of my version of the A to Z Challenge.  So what names will show up here today???

C is for

Cain: First son of Adam and Eve.  He killed his brother Abel, when Abel's gift to God was accepted and his own rejected.
Caleb: One of the 12 spies Moses sent into Israel after leaving Egypt.  Only Caleb and Joshua survived to see Israel after the 40 years of wandering.

Cephas: The name Jesus used when referring to Simon Peter, the name literally means rock and Simon Peter was to be the rock that the church was to be built upon.
Christ, The:  Title meaning annointed, consecrated, to great redemptive work as prophet, priest and King.  


  1. What a brilliant theme, Paul.
    I can contribute a name that I really like "Chaitanya" it means Consciousness. It is a name from Ancient Sanskrit.
    [@womod] from

  2. Great list of Biblical "C" names.

  3. I like your theme. Caleb is currently a popular name among boys.
    Susan Says

  4. I am a new follower.
    I'm thinking, "I should of done that!!!"
    Good idea for the A-Z challenge.