Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A-Z Challenge Part 12 Names and Places from The Bible. J is for...


I am putting a header this time.  There are numerous J's in the Bible, and in all honesty I could spend three blogs trying to list them and define them.

However I feel that I will give some of the more interesting as well as well known.  If you do not see a name that you feel should be here, feel free to add in the comments.

Thank you.

Jacob: is the son of Isaac and Rebecca, he is the father of those who would be the founders of the twelve tribes of Israel, and he was also called Israel.

Jael: Name of  a woman who kills the Captain of the Canaanite Army, thus giving the victory to Israel.

Jarius: New Testament.  Name of the father of a young girl whom had died and was resurrected by Jesus.

Japheth: One of Noah's three sons.  Ancestor to the Peoples of Europe and Northern Asia.
No image found.

Jarah: A descendent of Saul from the Old Testament. No Image available.

Jeddah: Name of the wife of King Amon and the mother of Joshiah.  No image available.

Jehoichin: Name of the King of Judah who was Imprisoned in Babylon by King Nebuchneezer .

Jemma: Oldest of the three daughters of Job.
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Jesse: Father of King David, the second king of Israel.

Jesus:  Son of God, he who took away our sins and gave us new life and teaches peace.  He who was the Lamb of God.

Jonah: A prophet swallowed by a whale, three days later he emerged from the whale alive. 

Jonathan: Son of Saul, close friend of David who was killed in battle with the Philistines.


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  1. My first thought was James. My English teacher challenged me to memorize the entire book. I'm so glad she had. It's stuck with me ever since.
    Visiting from A to Z