Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A-Z Challenge Part 7 Names and Places in The Bible E continued and F #atozchallenge

E is for... Part II

Elizabeth: In the old Testament she was the Wife of Aaron.

In the New Testament she was the mother of John the Baptist.   Image of Elizabeth standing next to her son.

Elnathan: Name of the grandfather of King Jehoiachin.

He was also the son of Akbar.  No image available

Emmanuel: Name from the old testament associated with the Messiah.  Name that Jesus's Disciples referred to him.

Ephrath: Name of one of the wives of Caleb.

Location where Rachel was buried.

Esau: Older of the twin sons of Isaac and Rebecca.  He sells his birth right to his brother Jacob, for a bowl of Stew.

Eutychus: New Testament. The name of a young man who went to sleep, while Paul was preaching.  He fell out of third story window and was thought to have died, but later turned out he was alive.

Eve: First woman, was seduced by the snake into giving Adam the forbidden fruit which lead to the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

Ezekiel: A major prophet in the old testament who lived in Israel until the Babylonians captured the city.  He was taken prisoner and taken to Babylon.  He wrote his book that predicted the restoration of Israel.

Image result for Ezekiel  old testament

F is for...

Felix:Nickname of a 1st B.C. Roman General Sulla.

In the New Testament it is the name of the Governor of Judea who imprisoned Paul.

Festus: Name of a Roman official in the New Testament.


  1. I didn't recognize a few of those like Felix. It seems such a modern name.
    Susan Says

  2. Nice idea to chose names and places of the bible.