Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 8 They[re everywhere.

I am not an alarmist, if you ask anyone they will tell you that usually I am a very calm and relaxed individual, that does not believe in conspiricies.

However, when it comes to Penguins, I am convinced there is a conspiricy concerning these flightless non existing creatures.

Why do I say they do not exist, because to me they do not.  They are imaginarry creatures created by my mother in law,

You see, I know she is the queen of the Penguins and is plotting to take over the world.

I mean since I met her, I have seen these creatures everywhere I go.

When I was working at a call center a year ago, one of the employees came in wearing a Penguin hat.  When I moved to Aurora and started going to the library, what did I see.  A set of encyclopedias with these creatures on them.  Every encyclopedia.

So when I went to the Cherry Creek Mall, on Tuesday, for a Job interview, what did I see? 

Not just one respresentation of these creatures three,

So here are my photos proving this conspiricy is reality.  Be careful they are everywhere.

See how cute he looks, so innocent.  Evil Penguin, not to be trusted.

 Here is one of the dread creatures trying to convince me he is my friend, at Our Lady of the Snows last Christmas.  I pretended to believe him, but I was on guard the whole time.

See how they have become part of the decorations at the Cherry Creek Mall this Holiday season?  They are taking over.

First day at the Aurora Public Library in August of this year what do I see?  The dread creatures on a book, okay, it's an encyclopedia, but none the less.  My first day in the city I am living now?  There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Beware, the Penguins are everywhere, they have come to take over the world.

Just remember this began with Tomatoes,,,,

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  1. BA HA HA HA-knowing you the way I do and of course my Mother, this post only makes sense.
    Totally funny hon!