Sunday, November 18, 2012

A 30 DAY CHALLENGE... Mondays' Music Moves Me

Well it is my favorite time, freebee week.  Cause I get to let my imagination go wild.

This time I am starting with one of my favorite singers of all time, Mr. Paul McCartney with one of my favorite songs... Let them in.

Oh did I mention, this was a movie I made using the music of Paul McCartney and photos of my extended family.  Sneaky eh?

Now onto something completely different.  And no, it's not Monthy Pythons' Flying Circus. either.

This was one of my all time favorite video's from the 1980s' and another favorite Singer.  Adam Ant and Goody Two Shoes.  One of the hottest videos of all time.

No Gophers allowed on Golf courses.  Ever....   Kenny Loggins, I'm Alright... Seriously.
This last one, was a song that I grew up with in the 1960's which got a new  lease on life in the 1990's when Pierce Brosnan made a remake of a classic movie.  The movie.  The Thomas Crown Affair, the song The Windmills of your Mind.
So there you have it, another unique musical journey from the Man Cave.  Hope you all enjoy.


  1. Ah, thank you for sharing your family photos with us and to such a perfect song,love that song too.

    I love Caddy Shack such a great movie and I enjoy Kenny Loggins too, good song.

    Windmills great song, I liked the remake sorta, but the original Thomas Crown Affair is still the best, and the ending is by far better, imho.

    Oh, and Adam Ant, it has been forever since I have seen that video, love it!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. You know, my Monday never really starts off well until I've seen a great gopher montage. so thanks for that.
    and also classic Paul?
    it's gonna be a good day :)

  3. Honey, you always serve up some great music for the 4M's. Your choices this week are simply awesome. The movie Caddy Shack cracks me up!

    Of course, I am sure you know which of all of these videos is my favorite! hee hee

    Love you,
    ~Your wife

  4. Love the movie you made - perfect musical accompaniment! :)

    Caddy Shack is one of my favorite movies - still cracks me up!!

    Love all your choices - have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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