Sunday, November 11, 2012


In the beginning of World War 2 the odds seemed dark for the United States after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.  It seemed that in most theaters the United States was caught time and again unprepared.  

This was except in one place, in China.  Here a handful of American Volunteers were not just holding their own, but beginning to turn the tide.  These men became legends and to this day are known by the name given to them, by the people of China.  They were The Flying Tigers, and were American Volunteers who served from November 1941 until July 3rd 1942, the next day they became part of the United States Army Air Force.

This is dedicated to those men and all veterans who have served and are serving defending their land.

 General Claire Lee Chennault, leader of the Flying Tigers

 P-40 and Pilots.  P-40 made nose landing.
 Two shots of P-40 that had crashed while landing.  Second photo shows P-40 that flipped on its' back during a landing.

 P-40's on air field ready to take off at a moments notice.
 Chief opponent of the Flying Tigers the Ki-27 Nate,

 Ground crew and Pilots of a P-40
Ready for a mission.

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  1. Knowing you the way I do, this is a very nice tribute! Happy Vets Day to all of our Veterans here and abroad.