Thursday, November 8, 2012

A 30 Day Challenge Day 6 Poetry from the well

For anyone who has followed me, you know that I express myself in many ways, by doing reviews of books, movies and television series.

Sharing my photography and my love of scale model building.

But I also write poetry, now it has been a while since last I posted, and unfortunately I lost the majority of my most recent poetry in a computer accident about a year ago.  

So what follows is a poem I wrote today, it is dedicated to the airmen of the United States Army Air Forces, the British Royal Air Force,  the Italian Air Force, and the German Luftwaffe of World War Two.

It was inspired by an episode of the old television series "12 O-Clock High" that I had seen on Me TV a few weeks back.

So for all the veterans out there, this is for you.

They  were young, full of passion and belief in their countries.  Fighting to defend their homelands, or to set nations free.

Flying against overwhelming odds in daring daylight raids over Berlin, Normandy, Rome and Benghazi.

Defending their homeland and its’ conquered lands.

In planes called Flying Fortress, Liberator, Marauder and Mitchell.  Flying most of the time unescorted into places that seemed to be a living hell.

Flack exploding around them, planes firing their deadly weapons.

Focke Wulfs, and Messerschmitts along with Fiats, and Cants  and Macchis’  screaming in to destroy their enemies. 

Then there were those intrepid lads who flew in the pitch black of night.  Only catching a glimpse of the enemy they did fight.

Sterlings, Wellingtons, Landcasters, Hallifaxes and Mosquitos  piercing the cold blackness that covered Europe like a thick blanket.

Dodging the deadly Messerschmitts and Junker s that would sneak in against their prey and silently blow them away.

Four years this campaign did go on, from dusk til dawn.

But in the end there would be only the allied victory.  Many men did pay the price with their lives, so those who did survive would be free.  Free from the darkness of terrany.

Original poem by Tamirisc of the Man Cave.  Thursday November 8th, 2012.

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  1. Hey, nice to see you writing some poetry again. It has been too long.
    I would have expected your return be in honor of our vets. Good job hon!