Monday, September 23, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me. Sailing On

So last week I was the Spotling dancer, and this week it is my theme.

Some of you are asking what did I mean by Sailing On?  This comes from an old Commodores song Sail On, which just would not go away in my head.  To me to Sail On, is to keep moving forward, no matter how hard life is.

So to start off, here are the Commodores with Sail On.
 Here is another song about keep the faith and moving forwards by Billy Joel.  What is funny, I have heard this song a million times and never seen the video til today.  Classic Joel all the way,

Last up this one is for my wonderful wife who has seen me in good and bad times.
 So there you have it, my take on Sailing ON. 

Hope you enjoyed this.


  1. Excellent choices especially the first two ;-)

    Have a musictastic week :-)

  2. Aah I can see you had this theme thought out. A nice pick of tunes. I like all of these!

  3. I enjoyed your choices.
    Thank you for rocking.

    have a fun week!