Sunday, September 8, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me, Staying Alive.

We start with B J Thomas doing his best know song from the 1970's "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Don McLean doing his top American Pie, a song I have sung many times.
Kenny Rogers The Gambler 1978.
The Bee Gee's How Deep is you Love, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 1978
Lionel Ritchee and the Commadores Sail on.

I have always loved the music for the 1970's and here are some of my favorites.  I hope you all enjoy these as much as I have in bringing you these special pieces.


  1. These are fantastic selections of music.
    The 70's was a great time for music in all areas!

  2. Shows ya how much I know. I didn't know Lionel Richie was in the Commodores,. Nice choices there my friend & who doesn't love the Bee Gees. I love everything about them for sure. And oh my Kenny Rodgers was my idol for while there I must say! Great songs, and the songs he came up with were just too too cool! Just like this one the gambler. Fabulous! Dude YOU SO ROCK WITH THIS SELECTION. Thanks again for joining us cuz you're really ROCKIN' THE HOUSE!

  3. Excellent choices all classics, Raindrops is apt today it is pouring down here in London heheh!

    Have a fantabulous week ;-)

  4. BJ Thomas' Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head is such a lovely song. Mr. Thomas use to live in Sevierville, TN (the foothills of the Smoky Mountains), but I don't know if he still resides there or not. I loved the music of The Bee Gees growing up & How Deep is Your Love is one of my favorite slow dance tunes. And...who can forget about the Commadores? I was so sad when they broke up, but Lionel Ritchie went on to produce some good songs, so not all was lost in the break up. Thanks for bringing back some groovy memories from decades ago right here on Monday's Music Moves Me!

  5. I'm diggin all of these. Groovy baby! Love the flared trousers!

  6. Oh I really loved these picks. I went with a Disney theme but I really had some Bee Gee's on my mind. I'm so glad you picked them. Happy Monday!

    1. p.s. I'm glad you played B.J. Thomas we gets forgot alot.

  7. Raindrops keep falling on my head, I haven't heard that in YONKS! Thanx for making my day.

    Happy 4Ms

  8. These were all great songs! I remember when I was working my first job as a dishwasher in a hospital here in Southern California when Andy Gibb showed up in the emergency room with a broken wrist of something of that nature. All the girls in the hospital had the news through the hospital within five minutes. I stayed where I belong, but I think there was a traffic jam outside of ER.

  9. What a selection! Thank you. I've loved these!

    Have a fun week!

  10. I really enjoy your choice of musics... many thanks!

    Happy M4 and have a great week!

  11. Love all these 70s tunes! Great picks! I haven't heard raindrops in forever!

  12. Brings back the memories - my Mom used to play all of these on our ginormous record player :) Hope you have a fabulous week