Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Welcome to my Cave. there are no bats here, just a warm fire some music of my favorite artists through the years and a selection of favorite books and movies.

Take a load off, sit back and have some spiced tea as I share with you some of my photos.  Some of these will be from a few years ago, some will be current.  You never know what you may see.  

Sit back, take a load off and let's start with...
This beautiful Fall Photo was taken along Gunclub Road in Aurora Colorado on November 1st of this year.
No your eyes are not deceiving you.  This is a sign for a school in Colorado, but the sign is in Cyrillic or Russian.  Why?  I do not know.  I took this picture at the intersection of Chambers Rd and Smoky Hill Rd in Aurora, Colorado on Saturday November 2nd of this year.
This is one of those Christmas lawn displays that is out this year.  I took this picture at Home Depot because I thought this would be cool to have for our Apartment, since we live on Paris Street in Aurora.  Photo was taken on Sunday November 3rd 2013.

I did not take any photos on the Fourth of November, so a short original poem will have to do.

Fall is upon us, a time of colored leaves hanging frailly on the trees. The weather begins to change, coldness replaces the warmth of Indian Summer.
The days grow shorter, the nights darker and longer.
Snow begins to descend upon the land and we complain withing it were Summer again.
Fall is upon us, but soon it will end, and Winter will be here.

An original Poem by Mark (Tamirisc Dagda) Richards.  November 4th 2013.

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  1. A little spell check hon but I love the poem. I especially love that first photo...beautiful!