Monday, November 25, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me. High School Memories

Welcome to my page on High School Memories.  I attended Manual High School from September of 1977 to June of 1980.  When I went to Manual that first year, it was a long time ago, in a  galaxy far far away... for the first time.  I had seen STAR WARS, and was blown away, I wanted to be the next George Lucas.

Pirated video of the opening scenes from the Original STAR WAR

High School was when I discovered Rock and Roll and in my first year I had two albums of a Rock Band that I still collect every album I can get my hands, on, they had me singing I wish you you were here.  They are PINK FLOYD.

The other album I received that Christmas of 1977 were two by the same singer.  The Singer Billy Joel, and one of my favorite songs from those two albums is.

While I was getting into Rock and Roll I was also enjoying Pop Music and I was listening to another artist who I still follow, that being Barry Manilow.
Little did I know in 1978 that this song would one day be "Our Song" but in 2008 it became the song that my wife and I fell in love with each other when listening to my music collection.

Almost done here.  In 1979 I would hear a woman singer who again would be part of my life.  Pat Benatar

I could go on for quite some time, but that would go on far too long, so until the next time, this is Mark from his Man Cave signing off.

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  1. A pirated video indeed. LOL
    Pink had me there but then you went and posted our song. What is a girl to do but swoon.
    I love you.