Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Everyday Art Day 6 THE ART OF ASIAN FOOD

Right next to our apartment, there are two restaurants.  One is Mexican, the other is Asian and yes I mean Asian; it serves hhinese, Japanese Korean, Vietnamese and Thai.

The food is very good and quite a variety, including Sushi.  

The thing I have noticed about this restaurant is that there is an art behind how they plate their food.  So without any further words, here is my Art for today.  The art of Asian Cooking.

Tea anyone?
Crab Ragoo as an appetizer
Seshwan Chicken for my wife.
Chicken Shang Hai Rice Noodles, which I thought was a soup.
Mongolian Beef as my main course.

Each is unique in color and presentation, there is a definite art to the presentation of Asian Cooking.

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