Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me, Colors in Song

This first song was by 3 dog night and came out in the late 1960s', it's all Black and White.
The next song was made famous by the Royal Guardsman in the late 1960's and was a mix of fact and fiction.  This is the unedited version of the Bloody Red Baron of Germany.
Here's Joni Mitchell with a song about something Yellow, and it's not a submarine.
This last song is by Loretta Lynn.  I apologize that there is no video to the song, but this is the only version of this classic song from the 1970's.

I hope you enjoyed my music with color.

Until next time.


  1. Dude did Naila tell you you're today's Spotlight Dancer? CONGRATS! Love Love Love all your choices! Haven't heart these in forever, but it was nice to reminisce. Thanks for joining us.

  2. Wow! haven't heard Big Yellow Taxi in years, nice picks :-)

    Have a musictastic week ;-)

  3. Congrats on being in the spotlight again so soon! These are fabulous oldie tunes with color in the title. I just can't believe, though, I haven't heard Loretta Lynn's, "Red, White, & Blue" tune before now. Have a colorful week!

    1. In all honesty I can not recall where I first heard this song, all I know is that it stayed with me, I find it interesting since my wife is part Cherokee.

  4. Congratulations Spotlight Dancer! These are great songs! OMG..I use to sing Loretta's song "Red, White, and Blue" while plunking on my red, white, and blue "Buck Owens" guitar. There's a mental picture for
    Thanks for the tunes.

  5. I remember that Red Baron song! we used to sing that
    LOVE Joni!! thank you for that.
    Congrats on the Spotlight - way to rock it!! :)

    1. I used to have the 45 of the Red Barron song, I played it until it could not be played any more.

  6. Silly Marie, of course I told you to swing me around the dance floor today. LOL
    You have some excellent choice here today sweetie. The one I did not expect was the last one.
    The Red Baron you so love...I like the pizza version too. LOL
    Love you.

  7. I had never heard of the Royal Guardsman, but was intrigued because I love your other picks - especially Joni Mitchell. I am going to look up some more Royal Guardsmen now, they were great! Love your taste in music, great variety going from Three Dog Night to Loretta Lynn, but I have both artists in my music collection and now want some Royal Guardsmen.. awesome!

  8. Congrats on being featured music hop leader.
    Thanks for sharing your music in color. Very good oldies.

    I've been sick, but feeling a bit better now. And here to visit from the music hop.
    Have a fun weekend!