Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Powerful book that will get you to take action

The Universe-ity by Michael Samuels is perhaps one of the best self help books I have ever read.  It also is only the second self help book I have ever read, the first being LOVE By Leo Buscaglia being the first back in 1980.

Unlike Buscaglia Samuels book is one that delves into the human psyche and addresses how we have been mis taught on becoming successful and happy people.

Samuels takes you on a process where you are attending his idea of the Universe-ity, a place we are all connected to, and have been since birth.

He has you do homework assignments in each chapter, each assignment gets you to look deeper into how you do things, overcoming past issues and finding the power within to change the direction of your life.

The book will bring on transformation within if you follow the path and do the homework. 

The Universe-ity will at times seem to be too easy, but it will make you think.  Why do I hold onto issues and still resent people for things that have happened so long ago.  I need to forgive those people whether they be friends, co-workers, bosses or my family.  By forgiving I am changing me, and how I see issues.

What things do I really want to do, make a list then make it happen.  These are just two of the examples of the homework you will find.

And at the end, you will find you.  A new you that can change their life and become the person you have always wanted to be.


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