Monday, September 1, 2014

An interesting remake

A week ago I had the opportunity to see JJ Abrams latest take on the STAR TREK series, STAR TREK Into Darkness.  This was the second time I had tried to see this film, the previous time the video froze at a key damatic point at the beginning of the episode.

I will give Abrams points, his visual affects and the way he developed the setting was very well done,

The story itself is a retelling of many Trekkers' favorite movies, STAR TREK The Wrath of Khan,

Abrams makes minor changes in the telling of the story, including the change of Kirk and Spock in regards to who saves the ship.

Benedict Cumberbacht plays Khan in this version and is remarkable playing the part thar Richardo Montalban created in 1966.

The only part cast that I still have issues with and the fact that the story was created totally for this film is the casting of Zoe Saldana as Lieutenant Uhura.  Nichelle Nichols was and always will be Uhura, she had the personality and made you believe she was Swaheli.  Saldana comes across as a an American with no African heritage.  Also there was no relationship with Spock and Uhura 

I know this is JJ Abrans version of STAR TREK, however the Great Bird of the galaxy created this universe and set up the relationships I am certain he is a bit mifferd.

Overall the movie is well paced and has some nice twists and turns that make it a  fair addition to the STAR TREK universe.

Again Leonard Nimoy makes a guest appearance, I hope that they do not rely on this too often.

I give this TREK, 3 and a half stars out of 5.

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